Dog Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary of Maine

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The Dog Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary of Maine is located in central Maine and run by Sergei Bachkovsky. This wonderful place, also appropriately called "Dog Temple", helps dogs with social and behavioral issues to become balanced and happier as a result. Sergei offers in home consultations as well as boot camp and gives just as much direction to the owners, so that they can continue the proper guidance at home. The Center also acts as a sanctuary for dogs of all shapes and sizes while they await their forever homes. If for whatever reason a proper home cannot be found, Sergei and his family will make them permanent members of their pack.  Visit them on Facebook or at their website listed below to learn more.



PLEASE NOTE - Zelda's donates to DRCSM, but we are not the same organization.  Please contact them through their website or the email address provided above and NOT through the "Contact Us" page on this website.  Thank you.